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Y&H Visits the Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck

The Red Hook Lobster Pound truck's opening day on Farragut Square was too depressing to ponder for any period of time. Y&H had, like many other bloggers around town, helped to create a monster. The wait for a lobster roll was two hours, perhaps longer. After reading the opening-day coverage, I was fairly certain of […]

Lobster Truck Has ‘Em Hooked Already

The Red Hook Lobster Pound truck finally made its debut today on Farragut Square, where City Paper's own Kim Chi Ha snapped this pic. She estimated there were 50 people waiting in line for a lobster roll. She returned to the scene 90 minutes later and discovered the line was even longer. People are bitching […]

The Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck Might Roll Out Tonight

First it was a cranky generator. Now it's the weather. If not the  former, then the latter, may keep the Red Hook Lobster Pound truck off the streets until tomorrow. But Lobster Pound DC president Leland Morris still holds out hopes that he can launch the long-awaited rolling crustacean wagon today. He'll just watch the […]

Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck Gets Rolling Today

UPDATE 12:22 p.m. 8/17: The lobster truck will not launch today. According to Red Hook's Facebook page, they're having "[t]ruck moving fwd issues. Thanks for your understanding! Sad Lobstah Faces. We were so psyched to meet all of you – and we promise we are doing all we can to get to you guys! Better […]

Red Hook Lobster Truck Set to Hit the Streets Next Week

Signs are looking good, according to the man leading the charge for the Red Hook Lobster truck, that the long-awaited mobile crustacean unit will hit the streets on August 13. That's a week from tomorrow (although almost a month later than previously thought). Leland Morris, whom the New York/DC owners have hired as president of […]