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Is Restaurant Week a Rip-Off? We Did the Math.

Savvy diners have long realized that Restaurant Week isn't a particularly stellar deal. Considering that booze, tax, and tip are not included in the fixed dinner price of $35.14, a night out during Restaurant Week doesn't differ much from a night out any other week in D.C., except you often have to order from a […]

Obama Visits Lincoln Restaurant

At last, President Barack Obama has visited D.C.'s presidential-themed eatery, Lincoln. Earlier today, Obama lunched with four winners of the "Lunch with Barack" contest at the restaurant, which has has about a million pennies on the floor and  Emancipation Proclamation on an LED-lit wall. Word is the Lincoln fan ate the "all-natural burger" with cheddar […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Big Spenders Edition

Diners spend $32,800 at Marcel's including $10,000 tip [Washingtonian] The people behind Galaxy Hut in Clarendon open Spacebar in Falls Church with 17 grilled cheese sandwiches [Going Out Gurus] New ice cream truck called Street Cream launches in D.C. [Food Truck Fiesta] Panoramic views and small bites in steel lunch boxes at 1909 OverlooK, one of the city's highest rooftop bars […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Fashionable Beer Can Edition

Beer in a can is hip again, but organic vodka, Greek yogurt, Groupon, Ovaltine, quinoa and Shake Shack are sooo 2011 [WaPo] The menu at H Street NE newcomer Boundary Road (not to be confused with Boundary Stone in Bloomingdale) includes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with foie gras for $14. Now, where have […]

Here’s Video of Alan Popovsky Showing Off Lincoln’s Lascivious Lavatory

This week's City Paper cover story explores the bizarre phenomenon of sexy bathroom artwork in D.C. restaurants. One stop on our tour of the city's most lascivious lavatories: Lincoln restaurant in downtown D.C. Here's the video I mentioned, filmed by the online news service Dining Bisnow, in which proprietor Alan Popovsky shows off the place. […]

Bread Is Dead: Cutting Costs (and Carbs), D.C. Eateries Abandon the Dinner Roll

Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema takes note of a rising trend at area restaurants: the death of the bread basket. He cites D.C. eateries Sax, Lincoln, Lost Society, and Brasserie Brightwell in Easton, Md., among those abandoning the complimentary dinner roll. Some operators explain it as cost-cutting measure. Lincoln's Alan Popovsky, meanwhile, cites a […]

Lincoln Will Outlive Obama, Restaurateur Alan Popovsky Asserts

In the course of reporting this week's Young & Hungry column on D.C.'s Lincoln eatery, I asked proprietor Alan Popovsky point-blank whether the curiously contemporary-yet-historical concept was just some massive ploy to lure President Obama, himself a noted Abraham Lincoln buff and arguably the best restaurant promoter in town these days, to come check out […]

Lingering Thoughts on Lincoln: Does History Ever Matter When You’re Hungry?

"You think anyone in there is thinking about history?" Civil War scholar Harold Holzer asked me recently as we exited downtown's crowded Lincoln restaurant after an evening of eating, drinking and critiquing the venue's historical bona fides for this week's Young & Hungry column. I later mentioned that parting comment to the restaurant's proprietor, Alan […]

Gettysburg Digress: What Would Honest Abe Think of D.C.’s Lincoln Restaurant?

As an historian, Harold Holzer knows the Emancipation Proclamation about as well as anyone. He’s just never seen it all lit up in bright red neon before. “That’s a first,” Holzer says. We are seated on opposing plush settees in a loungey back dining room at Lincoln, the seasonal American restaurant that opened in April, […]

Lincoln’s Favorite D.C. Meal Was in Tenleytown—Er, ‘Tennallytown’

In today's Washington Post food section, critic Tom Sietsema gives the new Lincoln restaurant a favorable First Bite review. "You'd never know that the fancy Il Mulino last occupied these quarters. Lincoln, inspired by the 16th U.S. president, is everything its predecessor was not." I haven't been to Lincoln yet, but I did have the […]