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Not Fair! R.J. Cooper Criticizes the Early Criticism

Grub Street checks in with chef R.J. Cooper of the forthcoming D.C. eatery Rogue 24 as he finishes up his two-week-long "spring training" exercise in New York and asks a pointed question:  Was it fair for the Washingtonian to review you on your first night? Cooper was none too pleased, to put it mildly, about […]

Four Important Lessons About R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24

On Friday night, Young & Hungry traveled to New York for the preview of chef R.J. Cooper's forthcoming D.C. tasting-menu restaurant Rogue 24 at a pop-up shop in Manhattan's Chinatown called Limited Time Only. The roughly four-hour $180 gastronomic extravaganza, which includes eight drink pairings, not counting pre-dinner cocktails, tested not only my taste buds […]

R.J. Cooper Is Happy to Make New Yorkers His Guinea Pigs for His 24-Course D.C. ‘Dance Party’

On Tuesday, former Vidalia chef de cuisine R.J. Cooper announced that he would be offering a preview of the fare at his forthcoming D.C. eatery in an alleyway, Rogue 24, later this month at a pop-up shop in Manhattan called Limited Time Only. Young & Hungry wanted to know why New Yorkers would be getting […]