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Yet Another Lawsuit Filed Against Fig & Olive

The plaintiff suffered through his salmonella symptoms on an international flight.

Dupont Lawyers ‘Pleased’ That Foul Burger Smell Is Gone From Former Rogues States Location

National Law Journal checks in with the firm Steptoe & Johnson now that neighboring Dupont Circle burger joint Black & Orange—formerly called Rogue States—has re-opened after resolving problems with its kitchen ventilation system. The law firm sued last year over "smoke and food odors" emanating from the restaurant, allegedly causing its roster of counselors "headaches, […]

Judge Orders Rogue States to Cease Grilling

Breaking news from D.C. Superior Court: Judge John M. Mott has just ruled that the Rogue States burger operation is, as Steptoe & Johnson lawyers had claimed, a nuisance. And the burger joint, fumes from which had been contaminating the air in the law firm's offices, has to close up shop at the end of […]

Are Burger Fumes Really Distracting?

The Trial of the Century (or at least of the month) has been ongoing all week in D.C. Superior Court, pitting international legal powerhouse Steptoe & Johnson against hamburger purveyor Rogue States. The lawyers are suing the burger guys, because, allegedly, fumes from the Rogue States kitchen are making their way into the Steptoe climate […]

Law & Odor

On the second day of the epic legal case of Lawyers v. Hamburgers, the lawyers’ attorney pushed the hamburger vendor’s expert witness a little too far. Nelson Dilg, a specialist in kitchen grease exhaust systems, was testifying via a pre-recorded video at the trial to determine whether kitchen fumes from Rogue States constitutes a nuisance […]

A Tale of Two Exhaust Cleaning Systems

The afternoon session of the Rogue States trial, in which D.C. Superior Court Judge John M. Mott must decide whether the burger joint is legally a nuisance, was a spent arguing over the merits of the scrubber/vent system that owner Raynold Mendizabal installed to abate the smell that's annoying the lawyers over at Steptoe & […]