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Mex Perplexed

Seems like there are a million new Mexican-ish restaurants, and each one calls its version of the cuisine something different. To keep them all straight (and to introduce you to some new terms), we've put together this handy guide. Tex-Mex Texas-style Mexican means Texas-sized portions, typically slathered in cheese with refried beans and flour tortillas. […]

Holy Guacamole

Mexican food and various gourmet interpretations of it have exploded in the past year. And in the process, so have the average tabs at the joints serving it. Here's how prices at some of the city's most popular and newest "Hip-Mex" joints stack up:

Philippe Reines: Another Example of Lauriol Plaza’s Enduring Power

Mark Halperin's illustrious “Gang of 500” haven't been the only power brokers helping to keep Tex-Mex stalwart Lauriol Plaza (ranked No. 38 on City Paper's list of D.C.'s 44 Most Powerful Restaurants) in business over the years. Yesterday's Washington Post profile of Philippe Reines, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's deputy assistant secretary for strategic communications, […]

Who Dat?: D.C.’s New Louisiana and Cajun Restaurants

A tall Air Force officer walks into the new and low-ceilinged Cajun Experience restaurant in Dupont Circle, to pick up a carry-out order. He asks owner Bryan Crosswhite, who is situated on a bar stool, chatting and fiddling around with a broken door handle, if he knows of a dish called “gumbo-laya,” an admittedly fusion-y […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Y&H Blog

Here, once again, are the Top 10 items from the week, as decided by you, the loyal reader: 1. NBC Washington Calls Lauriol Plaza the 'Best Mexican Food in D.C.' 2. Food Tats: Cupcakes Are the New Skulls 3. The New Generation of Hershey's Kisses Cookies for the Holidays 4. When Sex and Food Go […]

Critics Attacking Critics Attacking Critics. Where Will It End? Not Here.

Earlier this week, I posted an item on NBC Washington naming Lauriol Plaza as the "Best Mexican" joint in D.C., which has generated a fair number of comments, pro and con, on the Tex-Mex behemoth. But some of the better commentary has come from other sources, including my own Gmail account, where a friend back […]

NBC Washington Calls Lauriol Plaza the ‘Best Mexican Food in D.C.’

You have to love the counter-intuitive chutzpah, the iron-willed stubbornness, even the screw-the-critics contrariness of Sery Kim over at NBC Washington who writes that, "Lauriol Plaza is sheer bliss," and that the much-maligned temple of Tex-Mex is "[s]uperb, superb, superb." She and the editors over at NBC Washington dub it the "Best Mexican Food in D.C." You […]