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Surviving DC Beer Week, We Bring You Savor’s Best

Last week's beer madness is finally over. The Lagerheads, now tired and dehydrated, wound up attending five beer events in seven days, trying 64 (mostly) new beers in one week. This feat bests even the honeymoon we took through Belgium and southern Germany, but those were full beers and these were usually only 3-ounce pours. […]

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Prost, everyone! We're quickly getting settled here at Washington City Paper. As part of that process, we have two pieces of news. The first is that you can now email us directly to provide tips on good beers and places you've discovered in the course of your urban wanderings. Just send your tips, praise, or […]

D.C. Beer Map

Behold! Click the map above for one of the most useful tools in your local beer peregrinations. Provided free, courtesy of the Beer Mapping Project, the D.C. beer map allows for a quick, painless overview of what our region has to offer in terms of sudsy fun. Moreover, if you're given to daydreaming about where […]

Introducing “The Lagerheads”

Tammy Tuck and Bruce Falconer: The Lagerheads In the spirit of supplementing the yeoman's work of Washington City Paper's "Beerspotter," who is ever on the lookout for a good bottle, we would like to introduce our new online feature, "The Lagerheads." There's a lot of beer lust out there these days, particularly for fancy-pants imports […]