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Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Bon Chon Chicken

Like its Southern counterpart, Korean fried chicken is not all alike. If you don’t believe me, drive to Annandale and first sample Cheogajip’s take on Far Eastern KFC, a plate of fried bird parts whose crispy, fiery strengths don’t begin to outweigh its gloppy, oversauced faults. Then head to another chain, Bon Chon Chicken (but […]

Mad for Chicken? Just Wait a While.

That fried chicken at Posh Restaurant and Supper Club that everyone was crazy about? It turns out not to be a Posh original, which is actually a happy turn of events for those wanting to taste the Korean fried chicken again now that the restaurant has closed. Derek Newton, a consultant for Posh's parent RLJ Companies in Bethesda, says he owns the local […]