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Are You Gonna Eat That? Seoul Soondae’s Korean Blood Sausage Soup

The Dish: Soondae blood sausage soup Where to Get It: Seoul Soondae, 4231 Markham Street, Annandale; (703) 642-2220 Price: $8.99 What It Is: Korean blood sausage is unlike its cousins British blood pudding, Spanish morcilla, and French boudin noir—all of which have a denser, richer texture and taste. Soondae (or sundae) is just as dark, […]

Korean-Style Drunk Food at an Irish Pub

Sliders and wings are no longer the only food options at The Blaguard. For the past month, the Irish pub at 18th and U streets NW has been serving Korean food every Wednesday. The special menu comes from the Pyongyang Gang, a pop-up concept co-founded by ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen employees Mike Thompson and James Jang. […]

Quick Feeding: Korean Burger Chain to Open ‘Somewhere in Bethesda’

Dispatch From the Franchise Expo! Y&H's colleague Lydia DePillis reports from the International Franchising Expo and has some newsy franchise news: Jimmy John's will be opening a location at 14th and L streets NW and another "about eight blocks southwest of that." (Which would mean it'd be around the Corcoran Gallery of Art, right?) Yogenfruz […]

In the Mood for Roasted Chicken Rectums and North Korean Sausage?

In this week's Washington City Paper cover story, Mike Paarlberg profiles Ma Young-Ae, a former North Korean spy who runs Pyongyang Soondae, a restaurant on Little River Turnpike that offers a more northern approach to Korean food. The story of Ma's defection and anti-Pyongyang activism is worth a read—be sure to pick read it in […]

Mobilecraving’s Vids on L.A. Food Trucks: Try Not to Drool with Resentment

The Calbi Korean BBQ truck These eerie, elegant, silent videos on Los Angeles' food trucks speak volumes about the richness of the city's street snacks — and the dearth of decent offerings we still have in the District. Take a look at the vids after the jump and try not to drool with resentment.