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The Super List: June 2010

In these last days of 2010, thinking about New Year's resolutions made me realize I didn't quite follow through on one from last year. The Super List, my plan to thumb through my beer journal at the end of each month and post a list of beers I deemed worthy of a "super" rating, dropped off […]

Why Are There So Few Low-Alcohol Specialty Beers?

Today's topic is a spin-off of our first question from readers during this All Beer Week here at Young & Hungry. The question, which Beerspotter Orr Shtuhl responded to yesterday, was about the absence of craft Pilsners in the American beer market. In what we see as a related topic, we turn the discussion from Pilsners […]

Beer Event Picks for Friday: Wait, There’s 10?

That's right, our D.C. Beer Events Calendar shows ten goings-on going on today, the day before Savor. The good news is, the events are pretty spread out, ranging from Alexandria to Columbia Heights. The bad news is, you have to choose. For me, the must-see event is the meet-and-greet with Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman, […]

SAVOR Mania: The Master List

It's that time of year again. SAVOR is coming to town and with the national craft beer and food pairing event comes a week-long beer party for D.C. Tickets sold out in record time this year, but thanks to the local bars, restaurants, and distributors who take advantage of so many talented brewers being in […]

Dogfish Head & Sierra Nevada’s Collaboration Ale, Life & Limb, Coming Soon

If you read our posts you know we have a soft spot in our livers for a handful of things, and Dogfish Head Brewery founder Sam Calagione and collaboration beers are two of them. Now that Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada are producing what will be each brewery's the latter's first collaborative effort, Life & Limb […]

Join the Homebrewing Horde

Think you have it in you to make great beer? Here's your chance. This Saturday, November 7, is the sixth annual Learn to Homebrew Day, sponsored by the American Homebrewer's Association (AHA). We got into the game a couple of years ago when our friend Jeff agreed to show us the ropes and, since then, […]

Your Last Beer on Earth: What Do the Pros Say?

As a follow up to our very own Beerspotter's conversation about top five desert island beers, we offer this account of what some craft-beer stars consider to be the finest beers on the planet. During this year's Lupulin Reunulin at RFD, a glorious night of drinking and mayhem where a handful of the most innovative […]