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Food News You Can Use: Cheap Eats Edition

The half-smoke is coming to RFK Yes, it's that time again. Time for me to catch up on my favorite food sites and pass along the cream of the crop. Let's jump right in. Trader Joe's says it'll sell only sustainable seafood by the end of 2012. (WaPo's All We Can Eat) Zola's Wine & […]

Was the Winner of Our Restaurant Week Contest a Ringer?

Daniel Korn Daniel Korn won our Restaurant Week review contest fair and square. Of course, he's had a little practice: He's been a member of since May 2005 and has posted — I kid you not — more than 2,700 comments on that board. I asked Korn if he put a little extra effort into […]

And the Winner of Our Restaurant Week Review Contest Is…

If the reviews submitted for our Restaurant Week writing contest are any indication of the places you frequented during the come-hither promotion, then Hook was very, very busy. No less than three readers entered reviews of the Georgetown seafood emporium. Perhaps this explains why the gifted chef Jonathan Seningen left the restaurant shortly after RW was over. […]