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More Good Causes: Celebrity Chefs Cook Your Sunday Supper for Charity

The rest of the non-profits around the metro area — you know, the ones that don't have their hand in Haitian earthquake relief — must feel like the location scout for Avatar. Really damn underappreciated. But in this economy, many non-profits are getting hit with a double whammy: The need for their services has increased, while […]

Haven’t Made Restaurant Week Plans Yet? Y&H Has Last-Minute Suggestions.

Tonight officially kicks off winter D.C. Restaurant Week, which means that if you haven't already secured your reservations to the city's finest, priciest dining rooms, you're pretty much screwed.  Because, let's be honest, if you're not hitting the most expensive restaurants, you're not getting much bang for your buck during RW. Once you start figuring […]

Japanese Ramen Is Pricey. Deal With It.

 One of the recurring complaints about Ren's Ramen in Bethesda, which I reviewed this week in Young & Hungry, is that its soups, starting at $10 per bowl, are way too expensive. A sample quote from Ren's Yelp page: Bowls start at $10 (!) with just one slice of pork, some bean sprouts, and one leaf of […]

The Right Way to Eat Ramen, According to ‘Tampopo’

In doing research yesterday on my next Young & Hungry column, this one on ramen, two people asked if I had ever seen Tampopo. I had to confess that I had not. Until last night, that is, when I sat transfixed for nearly two hours by writer-director Juzo Itami's free-association comedy about one noodle-maker's search for the […]

Masa 14 Starts Brunch Service This Weekend

Y&H was talking to Kaz Okochi, the Asian half of the trans-continental fusion cuisine at Masa 14, about (of all things) ramen when we launched into the subject of his new restaurant on 14th Street NW.  It seems that Okochi and his partner, Richard Sandoval, will be starting their brunch menu this weekend. "Brunch is […]

CommonWealth Casts an Eye to the Continent

With this week's opening of Masa 14, the Latin-Asian fusion restaurant owned jointly by Richard Sandoval and Kaz Okochi, Y&H naturally turned his attention to CommonWealth. Why? Because neither Okochi (Kaz Sushi Bistro) nor Sandoval (Zengo and too many other places to name) are handling the daily kitchen chores at Masa. They've left that to former CommonWealth […]

Food News You Can Use: Playing Catch-Up Edition

Hello, more cupcakes: Georgetown expands into Bethesda Over the past few weeks, Y&H has been on his own personal binge-and-purge campaign — binge as much as humanly possible at local restaurants and purge the details in the upcoming Young & Hungry Dining Guide, which should hit the streets on Thursday. I'm not complaining. I'm just […]