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Firefly Does Its Own Elvis Impersonation

Elvis Presley's love of greasy foods has been well-chronicled, not to mention exploited for profit, criticized by pampered urbanites, and even blamed for the King's untimely death at age 42. I can't think of a single person, living or dead, who had such terrible eating habits and yet inspired so much copy about his favorite […]

The World’s Ugliest Food Tattoos

Food Network Humor revels in its self-imposed role to bring the foodie cable channel to its knees — or at least "back down to Earth." This posting on ugly tattoos is a little off-target for the site, but hilarious nonetheless. By Y&H's unofficial count, the breakdown of tats goes like this:

An Homage to Drive-In Movie Grub

This sweet-natured homage to the crap many of us consumed at the drive-in misses one important item: the cases of beer we'd smuggle in. The empties made for excellent projectiles should the flick not provide enough entertainment.

Is Mark Bittman Trying to Scare Us or Make Us Hungry?

Earlier today, cookbook author Mark Bittman, who's been on a campaign to help us eat healthier and save the environment, sent this link around from his Twitter account. I don't know about you, but several of these images make me very hungry.

Doritos Knows That the Ball Shot Is Still Good for Laugh

I'll admit, I laughed out loud at Doritos' Super Bowl commercial. What's more amazing, though, is that the Post's Tom Shales, whose funny bone stopped being amused some time after Newhart died, laughed, too. Writes Shales this morning about the ball shot: "Unfortunately when he heaved the object, it landed squarely on his boss's crotch […]