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The U Street Taco: A Glossary

Have you tried the U Street Taco yet? Inspired by Philadelphia's South Street Taco, this late-night treat is the extreme sloppy drunk food D.C. always needed but (until last week) never had. But the fun doesn't have to end there! For even more gustatory challenges, consult our handy glossary. The U Street Taco: A Ben's Chili Bowl chili half-smoke […]

College Kids Still Fascinated With Jumbo Slice

Yes, the dining options in Adams Morgan are much improved these days, what with the recent additions of Smoke & Barrel, Mellow Mushroom and Mintwood Place, among other new venues. And yet, the densely liquor-licensed neighborhood continues to garner attention for one particular form of solid sustenance, the jumbo slice. Case in point: this new […]

Snail Pace: What Does Mintwood Place Mean for Adams Morgan Dining?

If any D.C. neighborhood could use a new food icon, it’s Adams Morgan. For too long, the densely liquor-licensed area has been synonymous with one particular form of consumable. (Well, apart from the liquid kind.) I’m referring, of course, to that ungodly triangle of late-night gluttony, the jumbo slice. With its super-sized proportions—it measures as […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Soupy Scenes Edition

Take a peek inside the retail shell that will become the first District Taco location inside the actual District. [WaPo] Estadio owner Mark Kuller says there aren't many tapas bars in Spain any better than his own place right here in D.C.  Admittedly, he's biased. [Washingtonian] Westend Bistro's Eric Ripert thinks National Airport's Matsutake Sushi […]

Move Over, Jumbo Slice: Mellow Mushroom Pizza Opens Today In Adams Morgan

Atlanta-based vegan-friendly pizzeria Mellow Mushroom opens its newest location on Monday at 2436 18th St. NW in Adams Morgan. The blog Junk Food Guy has an early look inside. Check out the menu here. Photo by Chris Shott

New York Vs. D.C.: Whose Jumbo Slice Sucks Less?

Hot on the heels of, arguably, reality TV's lowest moment, the venerable Always Hungry New York took up the challenge of deciding which town has the biggest and baddest Jumbo Slice — New York or D.C.? Now, this contest raises a logical question: Who cares? Isn't this like raising the question of which city has better […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

My first impressions of the Cereal Bowl touched a nerve with readers last week, triggering a tidal wavelet of commentary, both pro and con, toward the chain restaurant dedicated to breakfast cereal. Or whatever that thing is in Cleveland Park. The quasi-review was, far and away, the most-read item of the week. Let's go to […]

No Big Deal: Food Wars’ Episode on the Jumbo Slice Airs Next Week

You'll excuse me if I can't muster the necessary enthusiasm for the Jumbo Slice episode of the Travel Channel's Food Wars, which is scheduled to air next Tuesday at 10 p.m. At one point, a friendly official with the Adams Morgan Partnership BID suggested I consider being a judge on the episode. I talked to […]

Welcome to Veg Day on Young & Hungry

I know, I know. Dedicating a day to vegetarian food is about as lame as Parents' Day and Veterans Day and Earth Day and all those other days in which you're supposed to pretend you're a friend to ________ ('rents,vets, the Earth, you name it) instead just another selfish weasel addicted to live Tweeting his thoughts […]

Does D.C. Have a Signature Dish or Not?

Philly cheese steak: a true signature dish With this week's Young & Hungry column, we launch a new series called Stealing Home, in which we hunt for the best American regional dishes recreated right here in the metro area. The series is based on one idea: that D.C. has no signature dish to call its […]