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Savor Week Brings A Little Something For The Ladies

Calling all fellow female beer lovers! It's that time of year again. Thanks to Savor, the craft beer and food event that descends upon the District each June, the local and national female beer communities are coming together for a night of foamy feminine revelry (and not in the raunchy Girls Gone Wild fashion, thank you very […]

SAVOR Mania: The Master List

It's that time of year again. SAVOR is coming to town and with the national craft beer and food pairing event comes a week-long beer party for D.C. Tickets sold out in record time this year, but thanks to the local bars, restaurants, and distributors who take advantage of so many talented brewers being in […]

Straight Dope on SAVOR Part 3: How Breweries Are Selected

Last week we wrote a series of posts about SAVOR, the craft beer and food pairing event planned for this June at the National Building Museum. After tickets sold out on Wednesday in just ten minutes, we decided to contact the Brewers Association for a response. Tammy spoke with Craft Beer Program Director Julia Herz about the […]

Straight Dope on the SAVOR Sell-Out Part 2

Yesterday we did a post based on Tammy's conversation with Julia Herz of the Brewers Association about SAVOR and the organizers' vision for the event. We're back with more today. Tammy talked with Nancy Johnson, the Events Director for the Brewers Association about how ticket sales were handled. Based on both of these conversations, our […]

Straight Dope on the SAVOR Sell-Out Part 1

It was a given that SAVOR tickets would go fast, but who would have predicted they'd sell out in just 10 minutes?! Does U2 sell out that fast? (Well, actually, it took them about 20 years, but we digress.)  We heard from several beer-geek friends who failed to get tickets to this year's craft beer and food […]

Women of Craft Beer: A Quick List

As we mentioned, the Lagerheads have been reading The Naked Pint by Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune, in anticipation of meeting them this week (which you can do Tuesday night at ChurckKey). The book naturally appeals to women because it is written by two female beer experts, and when you're into something not that many other […]