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China Chilcano Opens With Peruvian Chinese and Japanese

Peruvian mixed with Chinese and Japanese might seem like an odd combination, but the menu at José Andrés's new Penn Quarter restaurant China Chilcano is far from a random kitchen experiment. "It's not fusion at all," says ThinkFoodGroup Director of Research and Development Rick Billings. "We're really not creating new styles. We're paying homage to the […]

Bethesda Jaleo Gets Its Own Foosball Tables in Redesign

The Bethesda location of José Andrés’ Spanish tapas spot Jaleo reopened yesterday after a week-long modern makeover. Andrés collaborated with Spanish designer and architect Juli Capella, who also worked on the downtown Jaleo renovation and Minibar, to create the restaurant’s “Barcelona avant-garde” design. The tapas menu and drink selection remain unchanged, as does the floor plan. Chairs, tables, […]

The Mysterious World of Minibar

José Andrés' new and improved Minibar may be officially open, but unless you can snag one of the highly coveted reservations, what's inside is still somewhat of a mystery. ThinkFoodGroup sent out a press release with limited details and a porthole-sized glimpse of the Gaudi-esque decor and avant-garde cuisine last week. The rest, it wants diners […]