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Sake Flights and Shrimp-Infused Cocktails Coming to Zentan

The cool bar trend these days seems to be to pick a spirit, then build as large a collection as possible with a couple rare bottles thrown in for bragging rights. One of the latest examples: Zentan, which is bulking up its sake selection and just launched a new drink menu with sake flights and […]

Remixology: Make Us a Drink with Mountain Dew’s Breakfast Soda

Where: Zentan, 1155 14 St. NW Bartender: Josh Berner Mystery Ingredient: Orange Citrus-flavored Kickstart, Mountain Dew’s new fizzy breakfast drink Bartender Response: “It tastes like a bunch of chemicals,” Berner said. What We Got: Clarified orange juice, Jacob’s Ghost white whiskey, strawberry preserves, and a bit of house-made absinthe, topped off with Kickstart. Call it […]

Light and Stormy: How to Make a Snow Cocktail

After several years of mild winters, Washingtonians ought to have greeted January’s smattering of snowfall with open arms and tongues sticking out toward the sky. But next time, they may want to break out the tumblers. While we can’t vouch for the sanitation of D.C. snow, we bet it works in a cocktail. We asked […]

How to Make Ripple’s “Eat the Lemon” Cocktail

Holiday time equals drinking time. But instead of packing on the Christmas 15 on a steady diet of egg nog, Ripple bartender Josh Berner taught us how to make a lighter, more refreshing holiday drink called "Eat the Lemon." Berner initially created this sparkling wine-based cocktail for his summer menu, but with the peppermint flavor, it's […]