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Pete’s to Open Two New Locations. Y&H to Try to Understand New Haven Pizza.

The famous clam pie at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana New Haven-style pizza — better known as "apizza" (pronounced "ah-BEETS") to the natives — has created several generations of pie eaters who will settle for nothing less than a crispy, chewy, and charred round straight from the coal-burning ovens at Frank Pepe or Sally's, both located […]

What Is New Haven-Style Pizza? Hint: It’s Not About Coal.

This past weekend, I drove up to New Haven, Conn., to sample as many slices of pizza as I could before turning into a walking dough ball. Three of the owners from Pete's Apizza — Tom Marr, Joel Mehr, and Michael Wilkinson — met me there to provide an insider's view of the region's famous […]

So How Did Pete’s Apizza Make It Onto the President’s Radar?

If you've watched the video of President Obama touting his small-business credit initiatives — and damn you, C-SPAN, for not offering an embed function — you had to wonder how the hell Pete's Apizza ever rose to the Oval Office's attention. "These steps will make a difference for more small businesses like Pete's [pause] Apizza […]