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Poder de Chapulines: How Grasshopper Tacos Can Save the World

Given the recent health department crackdown on cicada ice cream in Missouri, Smithsonian's Food & Think blog revisits the issue of entomophagy—that is, the fancy Latin term for eating insects. Naturally, the article mentions several exotic locales where certain bugs are considered a delicacy, including, yes, Washington, D.C., where some fancy restaurants sell tacos stuffed […]

Frosting on Debate: What Defines a Doughnut?

Are doughnuts the new cupcake? Asking that question of various D.C.-area fried-dough aficionados for this week's Young & Hungry column tended to lead to a more Clintonian discussion: how do you define a doughnut? A cupcake is a cupcake. It's small. It's muffin-shaped. It sometimes has sprinkles. Doughnuts come in all shapes and sizes and […]