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Where to Drink During SAVOR Week

Out of over 70 events to choose from, here are highlights for each day of the week.

Infinium: Samuel Adams Helps Weihenstephan Challenge German Brewing Traditions

Infinium is the first of three beers resulting from a two-year collaboration between Boston Beer Company, the makers of Samuel Adams, and Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany. Jim Koch, brewer and founder of Boston Beer Company, was approached by Weihenstephan managing director Josef Schradler to develop beers that push the limits of Germany's conservative brewing culture. Weihenstephan, which is located in the […]

World’s Most Beergonomically Correct Grapefruit Juice Glass?

The "beergonomic" Samuel Adams pint glass has been around for almost three years. We first encountered it at a Samuel Adams dinner at Vidalia last year. The glass has the whiff of being a gimmick, but some people believe its design does have some aroma and flavor-intensifying properties. According to the Boston Beer Company, makers […]

Germans Getting Into American Craft Beer?

The Marshall Plan. NATO. David Hasselhoff. Collaboration between Germany and the United States is not new. But rarely has it spilled over into the world of beer–the glue that, almost as much as the Bundesrat, holds Germany together. After all, what could German brewers possibly have to learn from their German brethren? Over the summer, […]

Imperial Beer: Fit for a Queen

According to old-school spellcheckers Merriam and Webster, the term imperial means (1) anything relating to an empire or emperor, or (2)  something of superior or unusual size or excellence. The first definition was what British brewers had in mind when they started making Imperial Stouts, and the second is why many American craft brewers are using […]