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This Secret Document Helps D.C. Restaurants Keep Tabs on Food Writers

For about two years, a handbook with photos of and details about D.C.'s food critics and writers has been quietly circulating among a handful of upscale restaurants in town. Its author, who shared the document on the condition of anonymity, tells me he created it to better equip managers, maitre d's, servers, and hosts to recognize […]

Why I’m Not Anonymous

Hi, I'm Jessica Sidman, your new Young & Hungry columnist. As you may have heard, I'm also the first person in this position not to attempt anonymity. This fact has already caused quite the stir. The Washington Post devoted more than a thousand words to the subject, followed by a story in the Huffington Post (complete with […]

Meet Your New Young & Hungry Writer

As frequent visitors may have surmised, there's been light posting in this space lately: Last week was the great Chris Shott's final one as your Young & Hungry blogger. Fear not! The dry spell will come to an end soon: As of May 21, Bisnow's Jessica Sidman will take over. Here's the internal City Paper email […]