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Bye-Bye, Jelly Belly! U Hall Makes Room For Pho Dogs Galore

Late night nosh spot U Street Music Hall is shaking up its eclectic menu yet again. On Christmas Eve, the Northwest D.C. nightclub debuted its latest collection of interesting finger foods, including no fewer than six different variations of its original pho dog. The various new twists on the house-made Vietnamese soup-flavored frankfurter comes at […]

Lutheran Confessions: What’s the Real Origin of ChurchKey’s Chicken-Doughnut Sandwich?

Prolific chef Erik Bruner-Yang may have touched off a local comfort food controversy when discussing the origins of the unusual "jelly belly" pork-doughnut sandwich at U Street Music Hall. In a recent interview with Young & Hungry correspondent Marcus Dowling, Bruner-Yang credited collaborator and U Hall co-owner Jesse Tittsworth with creating the concept in response […]

Jelly Belly Telling: The Deepest Dish Yet on U Hall’s Weird New Menu

Vaunted dance venue U Street Music Hall continues to impress. Perhaps even more impressive than the high quality of musical acts booked to play at the venue is the surprising success of the proprietors' atypical approach to nighttime dining. The inventive "pho dog," in particular, proved so popular that some patrons were willing pay cover […]