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Cellular Gastronomy: Restaurants’ Love-Hate Relationship With Your Phone

When I walk into the International Language Institute, the small, dingy lobby is empty—except for a guy sitting next to the elevator. Is this actually the right way to the new  Dupont “speakeasy” from Good Stuff Eatery’s Spike Mendelsohn and lobbyist/Kabin owner Vinoda Basnayake? It doesn’t look like the entrance to a bar with studded […]

Cost and Found: Trendy Restaurants Fight for the Best Junk

Those metal shade light fixtures above the bar? They’re jet engine noses, Jeff Black points out on a tour of his new Takoma Park restaurant Republic. Reclaimed Victorian sofas were refurbished in red velvet and connected to create a long banquette, while doors salvaged from Buenos Aires and found in New Jersey partition off the […]

Check Out the Menu for Republic in Takoma Park

For nine out of 10 Takoma Park residents that Jeff Black encounters, their first questions about his new restaurant Republic are not about the hours, the location, or the food. "The first question is: Are you going to have a bar?" Takoma Park has a serious dearth of watering holes, especially ones where you can get a […]

No Men’s Room at Republic in Takoma Park

Restaurateur Jeff Black learned his lesson at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace: It doesn't make sense to have a women's and a men's restroom. The ladies line up down the hall, while the men's room remains mostly empty. So at his new Takoma Park restaurant Republic, opening Sunday in partnership with his longtime chef Danny Wells, […]

Price Check: Why Are Some New Restaurants Already Getting More Expensive?

If you thought Le Diplomate was expensive when it opened in April, you should see it now. The white-hot French brasserie from restaurateur Stephen Starr has increased the prices on nearly all of its entrées—anywhere from $1 to $4 per dish. The price tags for hors d’oeuvres, sides, and salads are mostly the same with […]

Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Jeff Black’s First Restaurant Addie’s to Close and Relocate

After 18 years, Jeff and Barbara Black's first restaurant, Addie's, will serve the last meal at its Rockville location on Nov. 27. The couple, who also own Pearl Dive Oyster Palace, BlackSalt, Black Market Bistro, and others, plan to eventually reopen Addie's in a new location in the D.C. area. Negotiations over the lease at […]

Underfed: Good Staff Is in Short Supply, and Restaurants Are Getting Desperate

Among local restaurateurs, there’s a sacred code: Don’t walk into another operator’s restaurant and try to steal the staff. But these are desperate times. In recent months, poaching has become more frequent and more aggressive. Passion Food Hospitality co-owner Gus DiMillo says it’s become all too common to see managers of other restaurants come into […]

Satellite Fish: A New Seafood Traceability Program Comes Straight out of Portlandia

“Here is the chicken you’ll be enjoying tonight. His name was Colin. Here are his papers,” a server tells Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in the Portlandia skit. Their characters want to know exactly where their meal is coming from: Is it local? Is it organic? USDA organic, Oregon organic, or Portland organic? (Never mind […]

BlackSalt Restaurant Launches Its Own Car Service

Looks like taxis and Uber have some new competition. The latest restaurant amenity? Car service. BlackSalt Fish Market & Restaurant is launching an in-house car service tonight that will transport diners in the D.C. area to and from Jeff Black's Palisades eatery. The town cars will run from 5:30 until 11:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday […]