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Last Night’s Leftovers: Even Later Last Call Edition

New York chefs invade D.C. [New York Post] Feast your eyes on the goodies at Cleveland Park's new Sugar Magnolia. [HuffPo] Last call at D.C. bars and restaurants could go even later. [DCist] Chick-Fil-A launches a D.C. food truck on April 9. [NBC Washington] Tax officials shutter Popeye's in Logan Circle. [Borderstan] A snob's guide to […]

V Street, Meet Sake

Construction is now underway at the future site of Izakaya Seki, the planned 40-seat Japanese bar and restaurant, located in the former Spott's Barber Shop space at 1117 V Street NW. That much is certain. Exactly when you'll be able to eat there isn't quite clear yet. "I don't know when we're opening," says proprietor […]

Yo! More Sushi! London’s Conveyor-Belt Fish Chain Plans Second D.C. Location

London's emphatically branded YO!Sushi chain, known for its snaky conveyor belt-style of service, is opening an outpost in D.C.'s Chinatown neighborhood. The new location is situated inside a vacant storefront right beside the Chinese Friendship arch, according to the Washington Post. Last September, a local franchisee announced plans to set up as many as 10 […]

Tokyo’s ‘Diner’ Comes With a Push-Button Version of a Jersey Waitress

At 9 a.m. in Tokyo, there's no brassy, Jersey waitress dishing out both attitude and scrapple, but I'm desperately wishing I could conjure one up right about now. My boyfriend and I thought we found the Japanese equivalent of a New Jersey diner: an all-male clientele, some tucked into a suit and tie, others strapped […]

Stefanie Gans to Join Young & Hungry Blog Team

You may know Stefanie Gans (repeat after me: there's no "ph" in Stefanie!) from her post about the nine SoCal foods that you won't find in our farmers markets. Or from her story about a stuffed eggplant in which the cooked vegetable was as hard as a ceramic bowl. Or from her item about the […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Ren’s Ramen

Editor's note: Ren's Ramen's closing date has been pushed back to Sept. 3. Love it or hate it, David Chang’s ramen has to be the most fussed-over bowl of soup in the entire goddamn U.S. of A. The chef devoted more than 15 pages to building the perfect ramen in his debut cookbook, Momofuku, right […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Makoto

For years, yours truly and just about every other food writer, whether local or national, described Makoto as a kaiseki house. And for years, every one of us was dead wrong. Last year, a manager at the tiny Palisades restaurant informed me that the place prefers to be called an omakase house. The difference between […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Kushi

Chef/owner Darren Lee Norris of Kushi It’s a Saturday afternoon, and I’m sitting at the blond-wood sushi counter at Kushi, the expansive new Japanese restaurant in Mount Vernon Square. I’ve decided to put myself in the hands of the chef for his omakase platter. So has the stranger immediately to my left. It will be […]

Vox Populi: Restaurant Rater FallsChurchResident on Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko sounds like a sushi lover's sushi joint. The owner/chef Futoshi "Tao" Takazato says on his history page that it "took me six months of practicing and learning before I was able to make sushi for my first customer. It took nearly five years before I would feel comfortable and confident in my art. […]

Sushi Rock Hires Former SEI Sous Chef

After three months of searching and 10 different tastings, the ownership group of the forthcoming Sushi Rock has selected its opening chef for the Arlington restaurant, which will combine Japanese cuisine with delusions of pop-star grandeur. The Public Group has plucked Sonny Tena, a former sous chef at SEI in Penn Quarter. "Sonny is the […]