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BrewDog Declares “The End of History”

This is officially beyond silly, and we're not just talking about the video above, which features cross-species frolicking in the woods. Scotland's BrewDog has released yet another beer qualifying as "world's strongest," and this time they are declaring the act to be the death of beer. If their 32%-ABV Tactical Nuclear Penguin and 41%-ABV Sink […]

BrewDog Part 3: What to Expect When You’re Expecting…to Meet James Watt

This week we are doing a series on BrewDog, the renegade brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland, that is pushing the limits of what beer can be. Part 1 had background on the brewery and what founders James Watt and Martin Dickie are out to achieve. Part 2 looked at the innovative ways the brewery presents itself […]

BrewDog Part 2: A Couple Punk Clowns

Yesterday we posted some background on BrewDog, the Scottish brewery that is pushing boundaries and palates in the U.K. and beyond. Today's second post in this week's series looks at the way James Watt and Martin Dickie, the men behind BrewDog, are converting the masses to their way of thinking and drinking. The terms punk […]

BrewDog Part 1: Ministers of Beer

We believe great beer is all about the people who make it–their stories, attitudes, and the reasons they brew. Few brewers are as charismatic and with stories as compelling as James Watt of BrewDog. In March Tammy had the chance to spend several hours with Watt during a BrewDog event at Max's in Baltimore. Our first […]

Drinking Music: What’s on Your Playlist?

Beer and music are an obvious yet overlooked combination. Y&H readers may remember the Beerspotter's listening party on NPR last summer. Brewers like James Watt and Martin Dickie of the Scottish brewery BrewDog hold beer and music pairing events and listen to specific albums every time they brew (and no, it's not all punk though […]

BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin & Sink the Bismarck! at Max’s Tonight

We were on the fence about heading up to Baltimore for the James Watt event at Max's tonight, mainly because I (Tammy) haven't put much effort into finding a partner in crime (which can be difficult on a weeknight). But that was until we got wind that the BrewDog co-founder will be bringing two of […]

This Week: Mikkeller at ChurchKey, Stoudts at Birreria, Oliver at Commonwealth, Heavy Seas at Elephant & Castle and Chris O’Brien at the Chophouse

This week is a busy one when it comes to beer. Tonight ChurchKey will have all 10 Mikkeller Single Hop IPAs on draft. If you are interested in learning more about what different types of hops smell and taste like, this is a good opportunity to get geeky. Also tonight is Birreria Paradiso's monthly beer dinner, […]