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BYT Paws Through My Fridge, Finds My Kraft Singles

As promised last week in my '70s-era Bond recap, BrightestYoungThings has published a series of photos exposing the innards of our fridge in Takoma Park.  I feel simultaneously honored and violated. They even found my Kraft singles, which were sitting in plain sight next to our iGourmet cheeses. If questioned about them, I was willing […]

Look Inside Todd Kliman and Josh Short’s Refrigerators

A look inside Todd Kliman's refrigerator This morning, one of the BrightestYoungThings founders, the statuesque Svetlana, started pawing through my refrigerator, asking all sorts of invasive questions about the products stored in there. She even brought along a photographer,  Jeff Martin, to catalog everything. I felt like I was in a Roger Moore-era Bond movie […]

How to Kill a Chocolate Easter Bunny

For once, a ridiculously slow, James Bondian death machine actually completes its task. Why does Y&H feel sympathy for a molded piece of milk chocolate?