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Why You Shouldn’t Hate the $100 Cocktail

Tom Brown makes the case at Left Door

Underserved: The Maverick & Gueze at Jack Rose Dining Saloon

The Maverick & Gueze asks Jack Rose Dining Saloon patrons to avert their eyes from the restaurant’s library of whiskey and try a gin-based beer-tail instead.

Brew In Town: Devils Backbone & Jack Rose Willett 12 Year Barrel-Aged Sour Old Ale

The British-style old ale is a collaboration between Jack Rose Beer Director Nahem Simon and Devils Backbone Brewmaster Jason Oliver.

The Best Places to Drink During DC Beer Week

This week is all about beer, beer, and more beer.

Restaurants and Bars Offering Cigar Menus

Here are some of the city’s top places to light up—or if you can’t stand the smoke, to avoid altogether.

The Case for Dram & Grain’s $135 “Sacred Slaughter” Cocktail

"The discerning wine drinker won't question that a bottle of wine is worth, say, $400 or $500. When cocktails get this rarified and the ingredients are well chosen and exquisite, there's no reason that they shouldn't command the same price."

Where to Get Your Tiki On This Summer

If you can’t afford that tropical vacation, here are some places where you can at least get a decent mai tai.

Where to Drink During SAVOR Week

Out of over 70 events to choose from, here are highlights for each day of the week.

Brew In Town: Ölvisholt Lava Smoked Imperial Stout

Try the year-old smoked imperial stout from Iceland at Jack Rose Dining Saloon.

Rose’s Luxury vs. Jack Rose Dining Saloon vs. Compass Rose

The restaurants will compete to see who makes the best cocktails.