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Last Night’s Leftovers: Crêpes-A-Gone-Gone Edition

Crêpes-A-Go-Go, R.I.P. [Prince of Petworth] Carole Greenwood is not making hashish spread at Artisphere next week. Just ''classical French food done in an American way." [Metro Weekly] from a cat's digestive tract. Worst. Sumatra. Blend. Ever. [WaPo] A peek inside Capitol Hill's new Boxcar Tavern. [We Love DC] Is pepper really all it's cracked […]

Would You Eat a Pizza Topped with Spiders?

I've eaten chocolate-covered ants and grasshopper tacos, but never have I tried a pizza topped with fresh baked spiders. This video plays as a joke, but it seems insects of all kinds are consumed across the globe. Oven-baked tarantula, anyone?

FDA to Require Producers to List Bugs on Food and Cosmetic Labels

You may not know it—and there's no reason you would, unless you're a chemist—but some of your food and cosmetics include dyes derived from the ground-up bugs. For centuries, Mayans and Aztecs crushed the dried-out bodies of female cochineal insects to produce a red dye used for fabrics, but more recently, the stuff has been […]