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WTF: Makoto Is Once Again the Top-Rated Restaurant in the Annual Zagat Guide

I obviously have nothing against Makoto, the meditative Japanese bento box of a restaurant in the Palisades, which specializes in kaiseki cuisine. I mean, I included the place among my 50 favorite restaurants in the D.C. area. What does bother me about Makoto, however, is its stranglehold on the top spot in the annual D.C./Baltimore […]

The Decision to Skip Komi, Citronelle, Etc.: Provocative? Legit? Or Stupid?

This morning, I got into a small online argument with a fellow D.C. gastronome (can I just pause here and say that I hate almost all the words used to describe a food lover; they all carry the connotation that you can't tie your shoes without the help of a sommelier or bus boy) who disagreed […]

True Dining Guide Confessions #1: Why D.C.’s Best Restaurants Didn’t Make the List

Allow me to tell you about some of the restaurants that didn't make this year's Young & Hungry guide to the 50 Best Restaurants in D.C. Michel Richard Citronelle, for one. Komi didn’t, either, no matter how many times some New Yorker wants to tell me what a genius Johnny Monis is. I sent other […]