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Free Beer! No, Really: Budweiser Fights Sales Slump With Give-Away Happy Hours

Budweiser's brand is losing ground, so the suits in St. Louis have decided on a sure-fire marketing approach: free beer. What better way to get people to drink Bud, right? But the question remains: is free cheap enough? Pundits on CNBC's Power Lunch discuss whether or not the strategy will work but don't get out […]

East German Brewery Named Official Sponsor of Germany’s World Cup Team

It may not be the big deal here that it is in the rest of the world (though you'd never know it from our strangely unrepresentative sample of soccer-crazed friends), but come June the World Cup promises to be one of the most significant shared global events of the year, dominating news cycles around the […]

New iPhone App Helps Locate Mediocre Beer Virtually Anywhere

Can technological wizardry make a mediocre beer taste better? It's a question Amheuser-Busch InBev is now putting to the test with what it calls the "World’s First Global 3D Augmented Reality iPhone Application," a gizmo intended to guide "Users to the Perfect Belgian Beer Experience." And what is that exactly? Well, according to InBev, the global […]

Budweiser Launches Select 55, Light Beer Arms Race Gets Absurd

At a certain point, you've got to just call it water. Not to be outdone by a fellow conglomerate, Anheuser-Busch InBev raised (lowered?) the stakes against MillerCoors' MGD Light 64 with its launch this week of Bud Select 55. The new light beer, which I promise is not a joke, boasts a slender and eponymous […]

Which Came First in the Battle of the Nattys: Boh or Light?

The Baltimore Sun's Rob Kasper pointed me to a New York Times piece yesterday that brings up the potential nomenclature scrum over the nickname "Natty," between canned beers National Bohemian and Natural Light. (Props to Kasper for calling them both "thin beers" even though Natty Boh is a Charm City hometown favorite.) In the piece, […]