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Where to Eat and Drink Hawaiian for the Inauguration

It was a chilly afternoon, but step inside some establishments and you'll find D.C. feeling unusually tropical. Hoping to pay homage to Barack Obama's Hawaiian roots, bars and restaurants are throwing pineapple and coconut all over their food and drink menus. Here are some places where you can celebrate the inauguration while pretending you're wearing (or […]

Pour More Years

Just when we had finally finished swigging the blue curaçao cocktails and Hawaiian-themed specials nodding to President Barack Obama’s island roots that popped up around town during the election, next week’s inauguration is bringing them back. Where can you toast to a second term? Graphic by Carey Jordan

Where to Drink Late at Night During Inauguration Week, Mapped

View Inaugural Late Drinking 2013 in a full screen map Ready to party until 4 a.m.? Tonight through Jan. 22, more than 150 bars in D.C. will be able to serve booze until 4 a.m. and stay open as long as they want. The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration approved the extended hours as part of […]

B&P Employee Quits to Join the Circus During Inaugural Weekend

How busy was it at Busboys & Poets on 14th Street NW during inaugural weekend? Well, according to owner Andy Shallal, it was so busy that three employees quit, including a manager. "They just cracked and left...I had one employee just say, ‘I can't do this'" and walk out, says Shallal during a phone conversation […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog

I have just one word for you: celebrities. Y'all love 'em. They dominated the top two spots this week on the Young & Hungry blog. Jessica Alba, Tom Hanks, and Others Seen Dining at D.C. Restaurants Denzel, Dustin, and Tyra: You Know You Want to Know Where They Ate Can't Get into Your Favorite Restaurant […]

Johnny’s Half Shell Figured Out How to Deal with Inaugural Traffic: Never Go Home

Whether on foot or in the car, traveling was a pain in the ass during Inauguration Weekend. John Fulchino, co-owner of Johnny's Half Shell, knew it would be, which is why he and five other managers didn't leave the Capitol Hill restaurant for several days. From Saturday through Tuesday night, Fulchino and company made work […]

Denzel, Dustin, and Tyra: You Know You Want to Know Where They Ate

I'm not sure how I've become the City Paper's gossip columnist, but given that I've already waded into the shallow end of the reporting pool with this post and that post, I should learn to accept it. If you're not bored with it yet—and given what Google Analytics shows me, you're not—here's the latest sampling […]

Can’t Get into Your Favorite Restaurant on Inauguration Night? Just Wait.

Try as they might to prevent it, downtown restaurants, even fine ones like The Source by Wolfgang Puck or Central Michel Richard, will lose customers on Inauguration Night. Some folks won't show up because they got a better, last-minute offer, like a ball invite. Others simply won't arrive because they've decided the benefits of the […]

Jessica Alba, Tom Hanks, and Others Seen Dining at D.C. Restaurants

Following up on last week's celebrity tip-off sheet, Young & Hungry has been working the phones to find out where the rich and famous have been dining this Inauguration Weekend. Here's what we've heard: Yo-Yo Ma dined at 701 on Saturday night. The Biden Family, minus the big daddy himself, enjoyed breakfast at the Oval […]

National Hot Dog Council Puts a Little Mustard on Obama’s Visit to Ben’s

Barack Obama's surprise visit to Ben's Chili Bowl on Saturday has generated so much attention—on newspapers, blogs, TV, and YouTube—that the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council has decided to add its own cheese to the overblown event. In a press release issued yesterday, the Council noted: