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Denzel, Dustin, and Tyra: You Know You Want to Know Where They Ate

I'm not sure how I've become the City Paper's gossip columnist, but given that I've already waded into the shallow end of the reporting pool with this post and that post, I should learn to accept it. If you're not bored with it yet—and given what Google Analytics shows me, you're not—here's the latest sampling […]

Inauguration Drinks: Party Like It’s 1829

The Wall Street Journal's Eric Felten, a jazz trombonist who happens to write the killer "How's Your Drink?" column, combed through some 19th century cookbooks to find a decent recipe for Orange Punch, the libation that nearly toppled Andrew Jackson's presidency even before it was a day old. OK, maybe I exaggerate. Writes Felten:

Inauguration Eats: A Collection of Drinking and Dining Guides

The great thing about the blogosphere? Other people can now do your work—and you get all the reading traffic. Hey, it works for Huffington Post! Sorry, back to the topic. Below is a collection of inauguration dining guides compiled by bloggers, journalists, advocacy groups, and God knows who else. DC Gastronome has a round up of […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog

As you might have guessed, Inauguration Day/Obama posts captured most of the top spots: Inauguration Eats: An Early Look at Obama-Related Food and Drink Liberal Cause Alert: Protect Seals by Avoiding Canadian Seafood New York Food Snobs: They Love Us. They Love Us Not. Obama Doesn't Know What a Half-Smoke Is? So What. Do You? […]

Inauguration Eats: Where to Turn When the City’s Elite Restaurants Are Booked

Who are you kidding? You think you're going to get a reservation at Citronelle or CityZen on Tuesday evening at this late hour in the inauguration madness? You've got a better chance of crashing Obama's inaugural speech wearing fatigues and a crazy glint in your eye. So don't fool yourselves that some of the city's finest restaurants—the […]

Inauguration Eats: Pizza, Chicago and Otherwise

Rustico Executive Chef Frank Morales has turned to Chicago’s hearty (if not heart-stopping at more than 400 calories per slice) deep-dish pizza traditions for inspiration. He’s created a small line of deep-dish pies, including one with housemade Chicago-style sausage. (Never mind that Obama’s favorite pie comes from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria in Hyde Park, which serves […]

Where Will Halle Berry Be Dining During the Inauguration?

I'm no Reliable Source, and the City Paper  is not exactly known for its celebrity gossip. But these are trying times, and the Young & Hungry blog could use the hits that will no doubt come his way once he types "Halle Berry" into the meta-tag field. Berry is supposed to be dining Monday night at […]

New York Food Snobs: They Love Us. They Love Us Not.

Obama's inauguration has given the New York Times and one of its former minions plenty of opportunity to opine on the District's ever-evolving restaurant scene. First came this polite nod on Sunday, in which the once Gray Lady dubbed D.C. one of "44 Places to Go in 2009." The District's main selling point? "[O]ne of the […]

Inauguration Eats: Obama Sweets

Hope and change are such ephemeral qualities subject to the whims of health, wealth, and the latest scandle in the White House. But now "hope" and "change" are something you can literally ingest, like a pill to fix what's ailing you. Artisan Confections in Arlington and Biagio Fine Chocolatein Adams Morgan have taken Obama's two favorite buzz […]