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To Eat Tonight: Sweetbread ‘McNuggets,’ ‘Animal Style’ Fries At The Big Board & More

Fans of fast food and craft brew will get a mouthful tonight at The Big Board on H Street NE, which is co-hosting a beer dinner with the folks from D.C. own's Chocolate City brewery. On the menu: "Animal-style" french fries in homage to the West Coast's heralded In-N-Out Burger chain, veal sweetbread "McNuggets," and […]

One Wild-Style Burger, One Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay: A Grab-N-Go Burger Wine Pairing

The oenophile web site Snooth offers some interesting suggestions on what fine wines to pair with the various entrees at heralded West Coast beef emporium In-N-Out Burger. Of course, the District has no In-N-Out location to speak of. At least not yet. The closest thing, according to a recent trademark-infringement lawsuit, is the cheapest suburban […]

‘What’s Animal Style?’ A Trip to Aberdeen’s Alleged In-N-Out Burger Knock-Off

"Can I get that animal-style?" I ask. The doe-eyed cashier seems puzzled. "What's that?" she replies. Maybe she's playing dumb. But, if Aberdeen burger joint  Grab-N-Go is indeed trying to rip-off the West Coast's heralded fast-food chain In-N-Out, as the latter company claims in a recent trademark-infringement lawsuit, then employees aren't letting on. This seems […]

Five Guys Makes the Best Fast-Food Burger in the Country

So say the voters in the 2010 Zagat fast-food survey, who rated the Five Guys burger ahead of such iconic patties as those at In-N-Out Burger and McDonald's. Zagat raters also liked Five Guys fries well enough to place them second in the survey, right behind the golden spuds at the Golden Arches. All of […]

Fast Food Nation: On Five Guys’ Victory and KFC’s Double Down

Here's your winner of Serious Eats' chain burger tourney. On Tuesday, KFC rolled out its Double Down chicken sandwich — I really ought to put quotes around the word "sandwich" for this bun-less creation  — and the food media immediately tore into it. Today, cardiologists everywhere are celebrating. More on that in a moment — the […]

The Day in Food-Related April Fool’s Jokes

Falafel shots and hot dog air coming soon to a mobile vendor near you! For Y&H, there's usually a pattern to my April Fool's Day, and it goes like this:  I login to the computer, call up Google to conduct a search, and sit there slack-jawed for a minute while reading about the Google Gulp […]