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The Cold Standard

Ice cream trucks have come a long way from white vans playing carnival music and slinging Choco Tacos. The new generation of vehicles serving frozen fare comes in all forms—vintage vans, bicycles, motorcycles—and offer gourmet selections of homemade custards, frozen pops, ice cream sandwiches, and more. Best of all, you don’t have to chase these […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Motorcycle Revving Up for Launch

Remember the ice cream sandwich bicycles launching this spring? Well, they've just been one-upped. Childhood friends and D.C. natives Ed Cornell and Patrick Griffith will launch a motorcycle with a sidecar slinging gourmet ice cream sandwiches called Milk Cult at the end of the month. Cornell previously taught English in Indonesia, where he commuted by […]

The Devil Wears Prada (and Eats Ice Cream Sandwiches)

Gourmet ice cream sandwiches are so hot (so cold?) right now. The latest eatery to introduce its high-end version of the childhood classic is Café Dupont. The restaurant is teaming up with The Styleliner, a former potato chip truck retrofitted into clothing boutique on wheels. Giving new meaning to the term "good taste," the vehicle […]