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One Hurricane Please! Get Your Area Tropical Storm Specials Here

And so it begins. Not even noon and Young & Hungry already receives its first notification of hurricane-themed specials at a D.C. watering hole. I'll be updating these as they arrive in ye olde inbox throughout the day. So check back often. But give it up for Bar Dupont, the first venue to alert us […]

America’s Toughest Reservations: D.C.’s Minibar Ranks No. 5

Bon Appetit has published its list of the "11 toughest restaurant reservations in the U.S.A." Landing in the fifth spot: José Andrés' tiny avant-garde tasting-menu restaurant Minibar. No surprise there. We ranked the place No. 1 on our list of D.C.'s 44 Most Powerful Restaurants in part because "booking a reservation is harder than rescheduling […]