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D.C.’s Newest Condiment: Glover’s Pepper Sauce

While the fate of the Sriracha supply remains uncertain, here's some good new for hot sauce aficionados: D.C. has a new homegrown condiment called Glover's Pepper Sauce. The small-batch pickled pepper relish is created by Jamie Glover, who works for a corporate foreign exchange company called Tempus and recently set out to bottle his creation […]

Nando’s Responds to Allegations of Wimping Out in the ‘Burbs

Last week, I raised the indelicate question of whether Nando's Peri-Peri had totally wimped out its concept for the suburban stroller and babyspit crowd in Silver Spring. Yesterday, I got an official response from one Burton Heiss, managing director for the Nando's Restaurant Group based in D.C. Heiss decided to kill me with kindness:

Kwame Brown Helps a Brutha Out for Christmas

The economy may be going to hell and inauguration fever might be the issue of the day, but it’s still Christmastime. Which means Wilson Building denizens are doing their annual gift exchange. Many opt for the classics: David Catania opted for his usual Godiva chocolates. Jack Evans is doling out classic works of literature. Yvette […]