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Lettuce Rocks No More: Mixt Greens, R.I.P.

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "You don't win friends with salad." So it seems for Mixt Greens, which, according to Prince of Petworth, is abruptly abandoning the D.C. market, a place seemingly saturated with leafy rivals, including Chop't and Sweetgreen. Signage at the K Street NW location (pictured above) seems to confirm this. […]

Homer the Supertaster: “Help Me Mayonnaise”

Homer becomes a supertaster following an unfortunate act of gluttony on a carny midway. It's funny stuff, but my favorite moment comes in the second segment, when Homer realizes he must take responsibility for Bart and Lisa's failures in school. Homer turns to his own Popeye source of fuel and wisdom: a jar of mayonnaise.

A History of Drunken Homer in Two Minutes

I found this hilarious montage over at Maxim, where I was doing, ahem, research. (Actually, I was checking to see if the magazine had published online its "77 Meals to Try Before You Die" feature, to which I wrote a few items). I'll tell you what, this video is funnier than anything I contributed.