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Robb Walsh on How to Make Taco Truck Salsa

My old colleague at the Houston Press recently left his post there as restaurant critic and is now doing service journalism of another sort: demonstrating how to prepare Texas/Tex-Mex dishes, complete with videos showing his once well-concealed mug. One piece of advice, Robb: Zoom in on that food, dude! It's nice seeing your face now, […]

How to Make the World’s Best Butter Chicken

Perhaps that's an exaggeration, but it's one born from childhood memories, which are prone to romantic visions of the past, particularly with memories tied to formative eating experiences. Writer and cookbook author Monica Bhide takes over the Young & Hungry column this week with a story about the butter chicken her father used to make. […]

José Andrés Serves His Mother’s Flan at Jaleo. Or Something Like It.

Hate to remind you but Sunday is Mother's Day, which just happens to be the No. 1 day to dine out during the entire fricking calendar year. Which means that if you haven't booked a brunch reservation yet, you better start planning that home-cooked meal now. Perhaps José Andrés can help. The ever-expanding celebrity chef […]

Alinea at Home: Sawing Pig’s Head Edition

If you haven't yet discovered the sweet-and-snarky style of Carol Blymire, check out this video in which she attempts to make a tête de porc, beginning  with a complete pig's head that she must saw in half.  Watch this and you'll understand why the Beard Foundation came calling.

Got Leftover Easter Eggs? Has Tips.

Y&H's favorite food site has a number of recipes to help you consume those boiled, rainbow-colored orbs before they go bad. The site also has this handy video, featuring former Top Chef-fer Jamie Lauren, on how to make rich, velvety deviled eggs, should you have a few left in the fridge that still haven't touched […]

Reader Feedbag: Two Recipes from Hilary Nelson

As promised earlier, here are two recipes submitted by Hilary Nelson, aka the Cupcake Avenger, who responded to Y&H's call for good, home-bound meals to get us through the Snowmageddon last month. You might think that snow brings out Hilary's taste for the white stuff — sugar, that is — but she's always hankering for […]

Mouthing Off: Y&H Readers Have Their Say

Did we destroy the myth of Maryland fried chicken? The thought struck me recently that I ask a lot from you, faithful Y&H Nation. Many of you respond in kind, perhaps hoping your words will one day appear in the newsletter (sign up at right!) or blog. And what do I do? I sit on […]

Can You Learn to Cook from a Cookbook?

New Yorker scribe Adam Gopnik turned into a one-man El Niño last fall, generating all sorts of ancillary disturbances, when he noted that, in essence, reading a cookbook is a waste of time. You'll never learn to cook from one. Gopnik explains his position in his own sublime prose (a skill that we can only assume, based on […]

Chef Bill Cooks Up Snowmageddon Chicken Soup

Until today Y&H had never heard of Chef Bill. But Chef Bill/Wild Bill has a pretty devoted following on YouTube. One look at this bone-dry-skeleton-in-the-desert video and you can see why. The guy is a natural in front of the camera. He's also not, as best as I can tell, a professional cook. Chef Bill seems […]

Make Maple Snow Cones. The Main Ingredient Is Right Outside Your Door.

If snow storms do one thing in particular, they force us to adjust to a simplier lifestyle, the kind that our forebears took for granted, never knowing that later generations would consider living off the land immediately around them, you  know, really goddamn boring. (Where's the Xbox 360 controller, honey?) But snow storms force us to become […]