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For Mind-Blowing Polenta, Time Is Not On Your Side.

Every fall in preparation for cool-season braises, I dig my Dutch oven out of the cupboard and restore it to its proper place on the stove top, where just about any slow-cooked meat complements my favorite winter side dish: a steamy bed of polenta. Unfortunately, most polenta recipes prescribe a 20- to 45-minute cooking time […]

Three Books Worth Digging Into This Fall

Next to a wine-braised coq au vin at a cozy French bistro, there are few things I enjoy more on a cold evening than sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and good book. This fall, I'll have plenty of opportunities to do just that with some new volumes from local authors or, […]

Molly Ringwald’s Go-To Dish: Roast Chicken

Molly Ringwald can make her roast chicken for me any day, and I don't mean that in a freakish, sort of stalker-ish way. The dish just looks delicious. This vid is part of Chow's new My Go-To Series. Check it out.

Y&H Tries His Hand at Raichlen’s Tenderloin Cheesesteak

As promised, Y&H put Steven Raichlen's tenderloin cheesesteak recipe to the test over the Labor Day weekend. By and large, I'd say it's a winning, low-carb and high-cholesterol approach to the classic Philly cheesesteak; the four of us gobbled the dish down with little complaint. But with all due respect to Raichlen, I do have […]

Steven Raichlen’s Tenderloin Cheesesteak

I'm so making this over the Labor Day weekend. Notice what kind of grill Raichlen is using? The Argentine-style one sold by D.C.'s own Ben Eisendrath.

Introducing ‘The William’ Touch-Sensitive Stovetop, But Is It Real?

Y&H isn't sure he's ready to end his love affair with gas and wood, but this contraption definitely makes me want to start flirting. It's like a stove and griddle all in one. But is "The William" real? I've been conducting a few Google searches to learn about its manufacturer, and have come up empty-handed. […]

Scott Reitz Joins Y&H Team to Blog About Bar Food and Home Cooking

You may have read Scott Reitz's food writing at the Washington Post. Or on DCist. Or even on his own no-holds-barred blog, District Plates. But starting on Monday, you'll find Scott Reitz right here on Young & Hungry, writing about home cooking and that increasingly crowded (and overlooked) topic of bar food. If you've read […]

How to Make ‘Weekend French Toast’

Weekend French Toast from Food52 on Vimeo. Hey, it's the weekend, live a little. Inject a little dark rum into your French toast.

Congratulations, America, You’re Not So Bland Anymore

So says NPR's Morning Edition, which is airing a segment today that claims the United States "is a far spicier nation than it used to be." Here are a few pieces of data from the NPR report to prove the point: "Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show big gains in Americans' spice consumption […]

Y&H Talks to Joe Yonan About WaPo’s New Barbecue Column, Smoke Signals

Jim Shahin at work If you didn't read Jim Shahin's debut barbecue column, Smoke Signals, in yesterday's Washington Post, stop whatever you're doing right now and check it out. It's funny, it's well-reported, and it has to be one of the best Food Section debuts in years. I'd say that even if Jim weren't my […]