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Talk About a Hot Meal: D.C. Food Trucks Grapple With Scorching Conditions

If you think it's hot outside right now, try standing inside a food truck. "It's hotter in the truck—way hotter," says vendor Dinia Bautista. Her Best Mexican Burritos & Tortas buggy was one of seven food trucks serving patrons in the blazing heat at Farragut Square around 12:45 p.m. on Friday. The high temperatures, expected […]

Twitter-verse to Georgetown Cupcake Fans: You’re Insane!

The reaction was swift (and harsh) to last week's photo of people sweating outside for their chance to buy a Georgetown Cupcake. Here's a sample of what the Twitter-verse had to say: @Staceyviera: (Ppl are sheep. SHEEP!) @ja3: More proof that people will always exceed my expectations for stupidity.

It’s 100 Degrees Outside, but People Still Need Their Cupcakes

I was just driving through Georgetown about an hour ago when I snapped this picture. Best I can tell, there are nearly 40 people waiting in line to get their Georgetown Cupcake. Not just waiting in line, mind you, but waiting in line on a brick sidewalk on a 96-degree day (which feels like 102, […]