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Beer Belly? Blame Your Genes, Not Your Beer

Or so some British scientists would argue. According to a study published in the current issue of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, fat from excessive beer drinking is not necessarily stored around the body's core. Researchers followed 20,000 beer drinkers–7.876 men and 12,749 women–over 8.5 years. Not surprisingly, men drank more beer, an average […]

A Beer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Feeling guilty about the mass quantities of beer we consumed over the past week, we decided to check out some of the rumors we recently heard about beer being ... well, good for you. Turns out that having one to three glasses of beer a day has been proven to have benefits for your health–as […]

Red Meat Consumption Will Be Our New Vice

Until states virtually legislated it out of existence, save for the yellow-stained environs of our very own homes, smoking used to be the vice that'd get you death stares from mommies with strollers and self-righteous reformed smokers. I got to think that, in the not-so-distance future, red meat eaters are headed for a similar fate. […]