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What the Public Is Saying About the Verizon Center’s Food Vendor Woes

ESPN has blown the lid off mouse poop at the Verizon Center, and the public is outraged. Outraged, I tell you. A sample of the public/media commentary, outraged or not: Georgetown Voice's Vox Populi: "Although Vox trusts Leonsis—after all, the guy promised to 'literally clean up after [the] fans,'—we doubt we’ll be eating much food […]

Verizon Center Is No. 1! In Mouse Droppings!

ESPN's Outside the Lines recently published the findings of its examination of health department inspection reports for the 107 venues that hosted teams last year in four leagues:  the NFL, MLB, NHL, and the NBA. Thirty of those venues had terribly filthy report cards: Half the vendors in those 30 stadiums and arenas were cited […]

Rodents Running Wild at the Pentagon Food Court!

OK, maybe I exaggerate, but  how could I avoid it given the lead in the Washington Examiner's story today: "Arlington health inspectors have cited all but one of the Pentagon City Mall's roughly 30 eateries for critical health violations, and recent rodent and cockroach sightings have diners' stomachs churning." This reminds Y&H of 2007, when […]

The Most Popular Blog Posts from 2009

Today and throughout the week, Y&H will be giving you a glimpse back at 2009, via the blog posts that most captured your attention. First up: the granddaddy of all aggregations, the 10 most-read items of  the year. The list is after the jump.

No, Really, This Is the Final Word on Obama’s Visit to Ray’s Hell Burger

In the "For What It's Worth" department, Obama Foodorama is reporting that Ray's Hell Burgers was recently cited for a number of health violations, including improper food handling and under-cooking hamburgers without informing the public. ObFo waves a tsk-tsking finger at President Obama and Joe Biden for not doing their homework and for not ordering […]

RAMW Opposes Cheh’s Proposal to Grade Restaurants

Mary Cheh's proposal to implement an L.A.-style system to grade D.C. restaurants on their cleanliness has not been received well by the folks over at the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington. If I were to grade RAMW's rhetoric in the release it just sent, I'd give the prose an "A"—for its righteously "angry" tone: The legislation […]