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It’s Hard Out Here For A Food Truck

"Our license allows us to operate on any roadway in D.C. except the National Mall. But ever since we arrived, we've faced hurdle after hurdle. We're constantly being harassed. We've been re-inspected six times this year, even though we got perfect scores from the Health Department every time."—Josh Saltzman, co-owner of the Purveyors of Rolling […]

You Say You Want to Raise Chickens? Do You Know the First Thing About It?

Councilmember Tommy Wells' proposal to allow D.C. residents to raise chickens ran a-fowl with some residents. This morning, Y&H talked to Wells' chief of staff, Charles Allen, who said the Health Department is now reviewing the idea and may simply rewrite the rules to allow urban chickens. Wells' plan, in other words, could be hatched without […]

The Most Popular Blog Posts from 2009

Today and throughout the week, Y&H will be giving you a glimpse back at 2009, via the blog posts that most captured your attention. First up: the granddaddy of all aggregations, the 10 most-read items of  the year. The list is after the jump.