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Last Week’s Leftovers: Try the Duck Reuben, Not the Corona-Dipped Fish

Dishes We Dug:  Waffle burger (pictured) at Locolat; cheese steak tartare at  Bourbon Steak; smoked duck reuben, ramp dough balls, armangnac-date pudding with Guinness toffee sauce at Poste; royal po'boy with barbecue shrimp and collard greens at Bayou; New Haven pie (white clams, garlic, olive oil, pecorino romano, oregano) at Pete's Apizza. Dishes We Didn't: […]

The Sexual Connotations of Hard Times Cafe’s “All the Way Wet”

"I like mine all the way wet." The phrase has been part of D.C. chili parlor history well before Hard Times Cafe came along in 1980. Its origin dates back to the historic Texas Chili Parlor on Pennsylvania Avenue NW, which is the subject of this week's Young & Hungry column. Hard Times' co-founder Fred […]

The Legend of the Texas Chili Parlor

Later today, in this week's Young & Hungry column, you can get the backstory on the old Texas Chili Parlor, an mid-20th-century restaurant that used to be located in the 1900 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Two former waitresses bought the place in 1944 and, a mere two years later, couldn't stand to work under the same roof. […]

Surviving Snowmageddon with Homemade Chili

After writing about chili, and tasting various versions of it, this past week, I was itchin' to make my own. And when better to tend to a large pot of chili then with 20 inches of mother nature's finest outside the door? The only problem with making chili is that you can't totally improvise the dish. You must have certain […]

Classic D.C. Dish: Texas Chili Mac All the Way

Sandy Karpe has been working at Hard Times Cafe in Alexandria since 1981. One of its owners, Fred Parker, compares her to Hazel Calloway, the D.C. chili queen and inspiration behind Hard Times, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Karpe, like Calloway before her, is the kind of manager/cook/barkeep who loves to tease customers and poke […]

Chili Reception: Where Do You Go for a Good (Non-Ben’s) Bowl?

I had a serious hankering for chili last weekend, and I found myself in a strange position. I wasn't sure where to get a good bowl. Aside from the obvious spots like Ben's and Hard Times, I was seriously stumped.

Tuppers’ Week: Hop Pocket Homecoming

Half of this week's beer events are homecoming parties for the same beer: Tuppers' Hop Pocket Ale. After a two-year hiatus, this hoppy delight is back, and you'll have four chances to celebrate it's revival with the local couple that brews it. On Tuesday, you can catch the Tuppers at Hard Times Cafe in Bethesda. […]