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Way To Recover: Bar Pilar’s Nationally Acclaimed Hangover Cure

File this under News I Really Could Have Used Yesterday. The Daily Meal has put out its list of America's Best Hangover Dishes and D.C.'s own Bar Pilar earns a nod for its popular "Hangover Cure"—a buttery biscuit topped with sausage gravy, home fries, cheesy eggs, ketchup, and Sriracha. Talk about timing: a rep for […]

Food News You Can Use: Tis the Season for Hangover Remedies

Let's get straight to the news: Volt chef and owner Bryan Voltaggio is apparently scouting around for another restaurant, which may or may not be the second coming of Volt. (Washington Business Journal) Tis the season for tying one on. Tis the season for hangover remedies, too. A number of local heavy hitters explain their […]