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Dupont BGR: The Burger Joint Set to Open Thursday or Friday

Though two weeks later than expected, BGR: The Burger Joint will open this week on Dupont Circle, giving that high-trafficked area another hamburger option in a neighborhood thick with them. Founder and co-owner Mark Bucher says the third location of his mini-chain should debut on Thursday, unless there are complications with the city zoning inspection, […]

‘The Fast Foodie Is Back…And He Is Happy’

THE FAST FOODIE "Hello Jack" EP7 – watch more funny videos Don't worry,  Y&H didn't know that the Fast Foodie had left, either. I just stumbled upon these videos this morning and fell for the character played by Hannes Phinney when he said, "I got to get back to basics. I got to get back to […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Controversy over Esquire's selection for Chef of the Year. The passing of Ben Ali. The New York Times' investigation into commercial ground beef. All of these have been major subjects on the blog this week. And yet: The most-read item this week beat out Select 55 by a mere five clicks. Barton Seaver to Be […]

Readers Respond to Ground-Beef Gate

The New York Times' investigation of the commercial beef industry has consumed much of Y&H's attention this week. First, I solicited a couple of burger men to give their opinions on the differences between commercial ground beef and gourmet ground beef. Then, I asked those with a less-vested interest in the subject— readers, in other […]

Dish of the Week: Pho with Eye of Round at Lotus Cafe

Forget hamburgers for a moment. Here's a beef dish you can believe in, even at a place like Lotus Cafe, which casts a wider net than your average tuna fisherman. Seriously, a Vietnamese restaurant that serves calamari fries, coconut shrimp, and a Sex on the Beach cocktail?  Is this place channeling Saigon or Cancun?

Michael Landrum Makes His Case for Gourmet Burgers in the Face of the Times’ Investigation

 Michael Landrum, the man who put the meat into the Ray's mini-empire, has never been shy about telling the world about the superiority of his beef.  The New York Times' investigation of the commercial ground-beef industry gave him another chance to do more of the same. Landrum responded to three of the four questions posed […]

Burger Joint’s Bucher Weighs In on the Times’ Ground Beef Investigation

Following the New York Times' investigation of the ground-beef industry, and the failed safety systems designed to protect the public from its worst practices, Y&H contacted a number of prominent burger operators to get their take on the situation. It was a chance for them to refute any information, argue that the safety of gourmet […]

Learn About Cargill, the Company Feeling the Heat from the Times’ Beef Investigation

According to this CNN Money report from last year, Cargill, the manufacturer of the ground beef that partially paralyzed the dance instructor profiled in Sunday's New York Times, is the second largest privately held company in the country. Fortune magazine estimates that Cargill's 2007 revenues were $88 billion. The company's third quarter net earnings in 2008 […]

The Times’ Shattering Expose of Ground Beef: Where Does It Leave Burger Lovers?

The New York Times published a devastating piece on Sunday, detailing not only how a nasty strain of E. coli ruined the life of a young dance instructor but also how the tainted meat came to be in the first place. The short answer: because the inspection and safety system favors the beef industry, with […]

Hey, Five Guys: Boardwalk Fresh Burgers Is Gunning For You!

A press release just came to Y&H's attention, although it really seems aimed at Five Guys' soft flabby underbelly: Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries plans to compete with the famous local burger chain on its home turf. BFB&F thinks it has the formula to squash Five Guys — sell ground beef and buns to the […]