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Howard University History: Not Feeding Its Athletes

In this week's print edition of Washington City Paper, Dave McKenna takes a look at the state of Howard University athletics: "Howard, quite plainly, has long been an unwelcome place for athletes," he writes. And issues related to food dominate one chapter of Hilltop history. Writes McKenna: All the way back in 1936, for example, […]

Flying Ham Hits Paula Deen in the Snout

Watch CBS News Videos Online In the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished category: Celebrity chef Paula Deen, while helping out the homeless today in Atlanta, took a honey-baked ham to the face. According to a report, here's how the incident went down:

Spanish Pigs May Be Fattening Up on Turkish Acorns!

Remember what I was saying about the pricy Iberico de bellota ham? How "[e]very molecule of that meat has been infused with the forest in which that pig forages; the muscle and the fat almost melt on your tongue, leaving behind both a big buttery flavor and an ineffable sense of the Spanish countryside"? Well, […]

Did Y&H Get Played by Canales Deli Over the Price of Iberico?

Despite its portmanteau name that dredges up images of those foot-fetish Georgetown boutiques, Cheesetique is, without a doubt, my favorite cheese shop in the area (not to mention a two-time Best of D.C. winner). The staff here is sort of the anti-Ray Bowers, the chronically cranky cheesemonger who runs Bowers Fancy Dairy Products in the […]

Better Know a Sandwich Artist: Farzana Afroz

A woman at the Subway sandwich shop on Good Hope Road SE has a special request. She wants the $5 footlong sub, with a twist. She wants to switch out the ham in the footlong club for the roast beef. That's an upgrade—only eight sub categories are eligible for the $5 come-on. The request puts […]

How Many Slices of Iberico Bellota Ham Can You Get for $20?

As I was wandering through the makeshift Eastern Market on Sunday, my stomach empty and my wallet full, I noticed the sign at Canales Deli advertising Iberico and Iberico de bellota hams. I asked the guy behind the counter what they were asking for the rare bellota jamon. "One fifty," he responded.