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Gut Reaction: Fuel Pizza’s ‘#!^%@< Hot!’ Wings Are Just As Advertised

How does North Carolina's take on New York-style pizza compare to the standard Big Apple slice? That question alone was enough to lure Y&H to the new Fuel Pizza on K Street NW, the first D.C. outpost of the Charlotte-based pizzeria chain. Then I got distracted by a more burning question (literally): just how "#!^%@< […]

All About Eve, Part II: You Can Stand the Heat—Stay in the Kitchen

Welcome to the second installment of All About Eve, Young & Hungry's behind-the-scenes glimpse of working at Restaurant Eve. Part I is here. "Try this," said Cathal Armstrong after the lunch round on a sultry afternoon in late August. It was a giant bowl of neon-green sauce of some sort, made from a vat of […]