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Another Gator Sighting: Reptile-Swine Sausage at Granville Moore’s

The recent dip in mercury doesn't mean this summer's au courant exotic protein has completely slithered away for the season. Earlier this week, Granville Moore's on bustling H Street NE ran a special on alligator and pork andouille. The Cajun-sounding dish came served strangely Italian-style over pappardelle pasta with onions, red peppers and parmesan. Y&H […]

Rising Stock: At Toki Underground, the Broth is Finally Ready

Peaches and pigs’ feet. That’s the secret. Or, at least, part of it, anyway. I’m referring to the ambrosial broth at Toki Underground. That alluring aroma tickles your nose hairs the moment you ascend the stairs, wooing you onward to the jovial host with the clipboard, where the fragrance reveals itself to be a cruel, […]

Hikari Sushi & Sake Bar Coming to H Street

Sticky Rice may soon have company in the sashimi-slinging department along D.C.'s burgeoning H Street corridor. Hikari Sushi & Sake Bar is planning to open in a long-shuttered tax shop at 644 H Street NE, just a few doors down from fellow newcomer Inspire BBQ. Neighborhood blog H Street Great Street has the scoop. Photo […]

Dig It, Then Dig In: Jazz Standards to Accompany Sweet and Savory Crepes at HR-57

HR-57 Center for the Preservation of Jazz & Blues is working on some tasty new riffs, both the sweet and savory kinds. We're talking about crêpes. Owner Tony Puesan tells Eater DC that the new fare is a direct response to customer demand: "people requested it. We said, 'Fine let's do it.'" The live jazz […]

Menu Highlights: TruOrleans, Opening Tonight, ‘What is Gator?’

TruOrleans, the District's umpteenth new Louisiana-themed restaurant, opens Friday night at 400 H Street NE. The menu, full of gumbo, jambalaya, blackened tilapia and the like, also includes a handy glossary, plainly defining every Cajun Creole phrase from "Roux flavor" to, yes, even "gator." The restaurant lists "gator tenders," priced at $12, among its appetizers. […]

Hitting the Sauce: Granville Moore’s Bacon Chive Mayo

Every fry tastes like a loaded baked potato when dunked into the creamy new bacon chive mayo dipping sauce at Granville Moore's. "Bacon is like 'the little black dress' of the culinary world," says head chef Teddy Folkman, who created the delicious dip with the help of his sous chef, Stephen "Chappy" Chapman. "It is […]

Mea Culpa Burger With Fries: Big Board Brothers Get a Fast Lesson in Food PR

Public relations is a crucial part of the restaurant business. Brothers Eric and Mark Flannery have learned that the hard way, having to put out their first fire before the flames of their burger grill are even lit. The brothers Flannery began work on their forthcoming new restaurant, a planned gourmet burger joint called The […]

Quick Feeding: Pho Advice and Flooded Venues in Georgetown

Pho Formula: Here's some sound advice for any place that serves pho: "Don’t skimp on the broth or beef, keep it under $9, and I will be in there twice a week. That is all." [PoP] Waterlogged: If you had plans to head down to Washington Harbour in Georgetown to enjoy a drink or meal […]

Quick Feeding: Trystian Inspiration and Belgian Chef Secrets

International Secrets: Where does the Belgian Embassy's chef like to eat when he's not cooking? Belga Café, naturally. Also, Et Voila, Brasserie Beck, and Marvin. [Eater D.C.] Trysts Everywhere! As the folks behind Tryst look to open a similar type of place in Columbia Heights, the owners of Fly Lounge are looking to open a […]

It’s Time for Ramen: Early Chatter on Toki Underground

The buzz has been building for months now. And now the District now has a hip Taiwanese-style ramen shop on H Street NE! Erik Bruner-Yang's Toki Underground opened on Friday. On Saturday, there was a three-hour wait! Certainly, Toki's opening is exciting news, though it's too early to weigh in with any definitive assessments. Young […]