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Americans Finally Forced to Say “Gyro” Correctly

Marking a small loss for strict spellers, but a huge gain for right-thinking people everywhere, a fast-casual Greek restaurant opening near Dupont today will insist on the correct pronunciation of its main menu item by spelling it phonetically. "'YEE-RO,'" says Alex Alevras, principle partner of GRK Fresh Greek. "You know it as 'JAI-RO.'" Americans have been slaughtering […]

Welcome Back, R.J. Cooper!

After 10 weeks on the sidelines while recovering from open-heart surgery, Rogue 24 chef-owner R.J. Cooper gets back to business on Tuesday. Cooper tells the Post that he's planning to revamp the entire 24-course menu. A few hints: one dish involves the Coop's take on a gyro (think lamb tartare wrapped in little lettuce leaves) […]

Who’s the Henry Ford of the Gyro? A Jewish Ex-Marine Named Garlic.

We've seen them hundreds of times, these cylinders of compressed meat spinning slowing in front of a burning-red heating element. They're fixtures at Greek restaurants from here to Anchorage, but who exactly invented these ubiquitous cones of gyro meat? David Segal, a former Postie who cut his teeth as a City Paper freelancer years ago, […]