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Not Fair! R.J. Cooper Criticizes the Early Criticism

Grub Street checks in with chef R.J. Cooper of the forthcoming D.C. eatery Rogue 24 as he finishes up his two-week-long "spring training" exercise in New York and asks a pointed question:  Was it fair for the Washingtonian to review you on your first night? Cooper was none too pleased, to put it mildly, about […]

Will Amy Brandwein Lead the Kitchen at New York’s Casa Nonna, Too?

Casa Nonna had barely been open a month when Grub Street broke the news that parent company, BLT Restaurants, was going to launch an outlet of the family-style eatery in New York. The New York blog seemed rather dumbfounded that the Big Apple should accept any concept not born within its borders. Whatever. But here […]

Next Season’s ‘Top Chef’ Will Feature Only Alumni, Including Three Locals

The current season of Top Chef isn't even over yet — and it can't come fast enough after last night's incredibly inane episode (NASA? Really? How, like, 1969!) — and the rumors are already flying about season eight. Both Eater and Grub Street are reporting (OK, rumor-mongering, which Y&H is happy to pass along) that […]

Y&H’s Interview with Eric Ripert, Part II: No More Pork Belly!

In advance of his appearance on Friday evening at the Warner Theater with Anthony Bourdain, Y&H conducted an interview with Eric Ripert, the man who has held four stars from the New York Times longer than any other chef in Manhattan. Ripert, I should add, is also classy, slyly funny, and unflappable, as you’ll see […]

The Death of Ben Ali: What Others Had to Say

If you ever doubted the fame of Ben Ali and the tiny chili stand he started in 1958, all you have to do is look at the news coverage detailing his death yesterday. News outlets across the country either ran the AP story or wrote short, tribute-oriented pieces of their own. Here are a few […]

Minibar Would Be the Toughest Reservation in America, if D.C. Were a Foodie Town

The "liquid olives" at the Minibar Them's the fighting words of Ben Leventhal. Leventhal is the co-founder who has become a darling of the New York foodie blogosphere by opening the flood gates of information to (and I quote from the Eater site) "rumors, conjecture and opinions, as well as accurately reported factual information. […]